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Research Overview

According to Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agricultural Research Practice, the cumulative value of all revenue derived from the global food and beverage value chain—from Farm-to-Fork—was well over $20 trillion dollars in 2012, representing nearly 30 percent of the entire world’s economy. Thus, it is no surprise that nearly every company in nearly all industry sectors have some interest in this industry sector and what its future holds, whether as a source of new business opportunities or as a signal of threat to the demand for their respective products.

The overarching mission of Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agricultural practice is to provide continuous cutting-edge strategic market insights on the global food and beverage value chain in order to provide our client’s the information it needs to make more-informed and less-uncertain business decisions, whether it is to take advantage of an opportunity or to guard against a potential threat.

The foundation of Frost & Sullivan’s Food and Agriculture Research is based on having a thorough understanding of the dynamics of four key Mega Trends that impact the potential growth and development of the entire global food & beverage value chain:

  • Globalization and Changing Economics — How does economic, environmental, socio-demographic, and political factors impact the consumption and production of agricultural products, food and beverages and what does that mean for food and agricultural industry participants?
  • Health and Wellness — How does the need and desire for healthier lifestyles translate to new opportunities and threats for current and potential food and agricultural industry participants?
  • Food Safety and Security — How does the heightened awareness due to increased interconnectiveness to media and news, and consequently the fear, of food security breaches change consumption habits, the role of regulators, and in turn the activities of food and agricultural industry participants?
  • Sustainability — How does the growing demand for food and agricultural industry participants to adopt more environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible business practices impact the economic sustainability of current industry participants and the emergence of new business opportunities and threats?

Frost & Sullivan expects by 2020 that companies that have a truly global market and product strategy, that fully exploit opportunities from the growing demand for products that are “green, safe, and healthy” will come out on top and be global leaders in the food and agriculture industry sector.

Access to this suite of analyses is available through our Chemicals, Materials & Food Growth Partnership Services program. With continuous access to intelligence and resources from all seven perspectives of the Complex Business Universe, the Growth Partnership Services programme ensures that you and your Growth Team™ are able to maintain a 360 Degree Perspective of the market. This comprehensive, objective information allows your company to mitigate risk, identify new opportunities, and drive effective strategies for growth.

Frost & Sullivan Growth Partnership Services

Frost & Sullivan's Growth Partnership Services empower companies to accelerate their growth by achieving top-line improvements and bottom-line results. This is accomplished by helping our clients execute successful growth strategies and providing their Growth Teams™ with the skills, know-how, and tools to generate growth opportunities, evaluate these opportunities to create a growth pipeline, and implement a growth strategy to deliver measurable business results.

Our growth solutions support the entire growth process:

TEAM Research is a program that furnishes clients with access to market research, competitive intelligence, financial benchmarking, and market strategies and analysis, and provides access to industry experts to aid in generating growth opportunities.

Growth Consulting Services unite clients with our industry experts to evaluate opportunities and develop customized strategies and business plans to drive top-line revenue and margin growth.

Growth Team Membership™ is a career-focused offering that was developed to address the unique challenges that senior executives face when implementing strategies to achieve aggressive corporate growth targets.

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Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agriculture  Research Overview

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The Frost & Sullivan Story

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Food & Agriculture Research Approach Evolves to Contend with Today’s Mega Trends

Globalization, changing economics and the need to be greener, safer, and healthier are key determinants of new opportunities in the food and agricultural value chain 

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.  — Jan.  22, 2013  According to Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agricultural Research Practice, the cumulative value of all revenue derived from the global food and beverage value chain — from farm-to-fork — was well over $20 trillion dollars in 2012, representing nearly 30 percent of the entire world’s economy. It is therefore no surprise that nearly every company in almost all industry sectors show interest in the food and beverage industry and what its future holds, whether as a source of new business opportunities or as a signal of threat to the demand for their respective products. As such, companies must maintain a vantage point over these challenges in order to make strategic, well-informed and prosperous decisions to ultimately accelerate the growth of their organizations. 

To maintain a firm lead on these market evolutions, Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agriculture practice ( is structured into four primary research areas: Nutritional & Functional Ingredients, Animal Feed Additives, Preservation, Sensory and Textural Ingredients, and Food & Ag Support Industries. The research team at Frost & Sullivan understands that these core industry sectors are driven by four underlying global Mega Trends that create new opportunities and result in potential threats to industry participants. 

These Mega Trends include the impact of globalization and changing economics on consumer behavior and the ability to produce agricultural products, the growing need and desire for Health & Wellness, the growing demand for a more environmentally-sustainable and socially responsible food system, and the growing fears around the safety of the world’s food system. Through this research platform, Frost & Sullivan empowers clients ranging from emerging businesses to Global 1000 companies to be at the forefront of assessing these shifts in the food and agricultural value chain and its ultimate impact on industry stakeholders.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Jeannette Garcia, Corporate Communications, at, with your full name, company name, job title, telephone number, company email address, company website, city, state and country. 

“The goal of nearly every company in the food and agricultural space is to reduce their cost to themselves and their customers, as well as identifying ways to be different,” said Frost & Sullivan Global Program Manager Christopher Shanahan. “Through our research, we help our clients identify new opportunities, guard against threats, and help our clients develop and implement effective growth strategies.”

Core growth markets covered within Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agriculture program include:

 Key Industries and Markets

  • Dietary Supplement Markets
  • Food Processing Equipment and Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Packaging and Preservation
  • Process and Safety Software
  • Food Service and Retail
  • Food Safety Product Markets
  • Seeds and Traits

Key Ingredient Categories 

  • Digestive Health
  • Eye Health
  • Bone and Joint Health
  • Weight Management
  • Cognitive Health
  • Nutricosmetics
  • Heart and Anti-hypertensive health
  • Antimicrobials and Antioxidants
  • Flavors and Colorants
  • Rheology Control

 Key Food and Animal Feed Species Categories 

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Baby Food
  • Bakery Products
  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy Products
  • Meal Replacement Products
  • Oils and Fats
  • Processed Food
  • Sauces, Dressings and Condiments
  • Seafood
  • Sweet and Savory Snacks
  • Vegetables and Cereals
  • Beef Cattle
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Layers
  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Dog & Cat
  • Aquaculture
  • Equine

The challenge of being an effective competitor is increasingly more difficult, which is why Frost & Sullivan has increased its focus on these aforementioned research areas and Mega Trends. For example, there has been a significant structural shift in agricultural commodity and food price growth in the last 10 years and this trend is expected to continue through 2020. Consequently, rising raw material costs and the associated difficulties of transferring this increase to customers will likely affect profit margins during the next decade.  In addition, many stakeholders, including consumers, regulators, and even other value chain participants, are demanding that their food be greener, safer, and healthier. Organizations must overcome these challenges by adopting a structured approach that generates and efficiently evaluates sustainable opportunities to fit to their objectives and capabilities, and assures that effective implementation steps lead to success.  Frost & Sullivan regularly partners with companies to conquer these and other diverse hurdles.

“I expect that by 2020, companies that have both a truly global market and product strategy and fully exploit opportunities from the growing demand for products that are green, safe, and healthy, will come out on top as global leaders in the food and agriculture industry sector,” said Shanahan.  “Our research practice provides continuous monitoring along the entire value chain, which will enable companies to better understand, and quickly act on, these core market drivers.”

These Mega Trends represent the foundation of forward-thinking, balanced and well-founded research, built on Frost & Sullivan’s TEAM methodology. The TEAM research approach provides a prescient overview and outlook through technical, economic, decision support and market engineering global analysis. This concept and the shifts in food and agriculture research allow Frost & Sullivan to enhance and reinforce long-term internal progress, while enhancing the growth of clients and partners through beneficial Growth Partnership Services. 

Frost & Sullivan’s Food & Agriculture Growth Partnership Services program includes research covering topics such as the impact of the gluten-free trends on the demand for food and beverage ingredients, the impact of current and emerging food safety regulations on the activities of industry participants, the impact of social media on the tastes and preferences of consumers, among others. All research services included in subscriptions provide detailed market opportunities and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.

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